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We will be viewing Empress Han's latest music video, VANISH. VANISH is track 1 on Empress Han's upcoming album, PYRE. VANISH explores themes unique to the journeys & experiences of Transracial, Transnational Adoptees, including family separation & erasure as well as the lifelong search & longing to recover what was lost.

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PYRE is the second album in a trilogy of musical poetry albums--SHRINE, PYRE, ASH. The trilogy explores themes of loss, grief, violence, identity, race, family, & belonging in the context of Transracial, Transnational Adoption.

SHRINE was released in May of this year during AAPI Heritage Month to assert that the narratives of Asian Adoptees are a vital part of the Asian diaspora. PYRE will be released this November during National Adoption Awareness Month. The album explores the painful intersections of Adoption, War, Race, Misogyny, & Sexual Violence.  

CLICK HERE TO STREAM & DOWNLOAD Empress Han's debut musical poetry album, SHRINE (May 2021). You can also stream SHRINE on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.





Empress Han is an Adoptee, Poet, & Artist.

She emerged from the profound loss, trauma, & grief of being severed from one's family, people, & origins through Transracial, Transnational Adoption (TRA/TNA). Empress Han's work frames TRA/TNA within its broader geopolitical context of American imperialism, invasion, & colonialism.

Han is a direct reference to the Korean cultural concept of han, which has been defined as a traumatic loss of identity, both collectively & individually. It has also been described as an intense angst & longing due to unresolved injustice, pain, & suffering. 

Empress Han is an assertion of claiming sovereignty over our individual identities & narratives, particularly in the context of having our stories & origins erased.

Empress Han's debut musical poetry album, SHRINE, released on May 1, 2021. The album is an experimental musical exploration adapting poetry to instrumentals & vocals. It includes vocals, spoken word, electronic & acoustic sounds as well as elements inspired by Pansori, the traditional Korean art form of storytelling.

Shrine is the first installment of a trilogy of albums--SHRINE, PYRE, & ASH. The trilogy examines & explores the experiences of loss, grief, identity, family, race, & belonging, as well as resilience & healing through the lens of a Korean Adoptee's journey. 

PYRE will release in November 2021 (National Adoption Awareness Month). ASH will release in the Lunar New Year of 2022.


Empress Han is my reclamation of what I lost to adoption. She is my re-emergence from the erasure of my origins through transracial adoption. She is my resurrection from a death forced upon me by American imperialism and colonialism. Empress Han is my repossession of sovereignty over my identity and story. She is the recovery of my journey of self-determination after decades of living under the boot of white supremacy. 

Empress Han is the transformation of my trauma, pain & grief into power, beauty, & meaning.

I hope you will find pieces of yourself in Empress Han and her journey, while discovering and cultivating your own sovereignty and authenticity.