Empress Han is an Adoptee poet, artist, and activist. She emerged as a response to the profound loss, trauma, and grief of being severed from one's family, people, and origins through transracial, transnational adoption (TRA/TNA). Empress Han frames TRA/TNA within its broader sociopolitical context of American imperialism, invasion, and colonialism.

Her upcoming and first adapted poetry album, Shrine, is set to release in 2021. It will be an experimental musical exploration adapting poetry to instrumentals and vocals.

Han is a direct reference to the Korean cultural concept of han, which has been defined as a traumatic loss of identity, both collectively and individually. It has also been described as an intense angst and longing due to unresolved injustice, pain, and suffering. 

Empress Han is an assertion of claiming sovereignty over our individual identities and narratives, particularly in the context of having our stories and origins obscured or erased.

Shrine will be the first installment of three. It will examine and explore the experiences of loss, grief, identity, family, race, and belonging, as well as resilience and healing through the lens of a Korean Adoptee's journey. 


Empress Han is my reclamation of what I lost to adoption. She is my re-emergence from the erasure of my origins through transracial adoption. She is my resurrection from a death forced upon me by American imperialism and colonialism. Empress Han is my repossession of sovereignty over my identity and story. She is the recovery of my journey of self-determination after decades of living under the boot of white supremacy. 

Empress Han is the transformation of my trauma, pain & grief into power, beauty, & meaning.

I hope you will find pieces of yourself in Empress Han and her journey, while discovering and cultivating your own sovereignty and authenticity.


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